Technical Support

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Fast Friendly and Secure Online Support When You Need It

Technical support for your home or business is only a few mouse clicks away. We provide skilled professional and certified technicians to solve your computer or network issue quickly, reliably and affordably. We work on a per-incident basis or you can choose any of our support package blocks where any un-used time is banked for future use. We have clientele around the globe.
Our technicians connect to your system using a lightweight Java web-based application combined with military-grade encryption and only have access to your computer or network while you are online and watching them. You are always in complete control of the online session. Once you terminate the support session, we cannot re-connect until you invite us back online.
We offer a fast, easy and safe alternative to bringing your computer to a retail service centre and can diagnose, repair or reconfigure almost any software component online.

We Support Clients Worldwide

We support home and business users around the world and can provide services in any time zone. Our technical support plans and emergency service can solve your computer or network issues regardless of your geographical location. A high speed connection to the Internet is preferred but we can work on connections as slow as 28kbs. We support just about any connectivity from cellular 1X to EVDO to GSM and satellite internet (VPN connectivity over satellite is very poor due to latency between the satellites and the ground stations). If you can get a computer online, we will find a way to connect to it.

About us

Web Beta IT Solutions provides Web Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Management, Graphic Design, Remote Sensing, GIS, Change detection with Satellite Imageries, Cost Efficient IT services.

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